Summary Dashboard


Logging into multiple subscription-based tools is cumbersome and usually won’t even show you the entire summary of your business’s outstanding estimates, jobs, or invoices.


View actionable items right on the summary dashboard of the payup℠ home screen! See how much money you’ve made and what’s outstanding, including unpaid invoices, so you can follow up with your customers to keep moving projects forward & get paid.

How It Works

1. Admin vs. Employee Views

If you’re an Admin, you will see a summary of your company’s invoices right at the top – what you’ve made and what’s unpaid. If you’re a non-Admin Employee, you will see a quick look at the Jobs and Estimates that need action.

2. Filterable Date Picker

Recently, we’ve added a date picker to the Home screen, so you can easily analyze your business by filtering your invoices, jobs and estimates for a specific time period.

3. Take Action

With a full summary right on the Home screen, you can easily pick out what needs to get done for the day. Unapproved estimates? Not anymore. Even see what’s been rejected, so you can edit and resend. Review jobs that are in progress or still need to be scheduled, and see what jobs you’ve been assigned. Do you have unpaid invoices? Follow up on them and get paid today!