Schedule & Track Jobs


Job Management. What day should the job be completed? Is there a particular time that works best for the customer? What’s the status of a job – is it in progress, or perhaps already completed? Where will you keep all these details – is it on individual online calendars, a subscription-based software tool, or dare we say – a paper calendar?


With the payup℠ app, view all jobs on a handy calendar. Have a team? No problem! Invite them to the app, so everyone can be on the same calendar with access at any time, anywhere. Want to see job details? You can do that too! Click on any individual job for its specific details. Track your project and see if it’s in progress or even completed. View by day, week, or the entire month – it’s up to you!

How It Works

1. Create a Job

You can either create a new job or have one created for you from an approved estimate. Simply click the large orange “plus” button in the bottom navigation to get started.

2. Add Details

Add a customer, date, services and materials. Let the app calculate the total price for you, including taxes!

3. View & Track on the Calendar

All scheduled jobs will appear on the calendar view in the Jobs dashboard. To switch from the list view to calendar view, simply click the calendar icon next to the “Jobs” heading.