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Unlimited Invoices For Auto Repairs

Manage your jobs. Get paid faster.


People Need You

As a professional in the auto repair business – whether you’re a freelance mechanic or running your own shop – you’re always busy.

Cars are still our primary way of getting around, so there’s no shortage of automobiles that need fixing. For you, this is a good thing!

But competition is tough, and it takes top-quality professional service, timely responses, accurate quotes, and efficient payment processes to stay ahead of the game.

If this is the part of the business that keeps you up at night, we get it. And we’re here to help.

Payup℠ lets you handle all of your business needs in one easy-to-use app.


It’s Free to Try Today!

Send an estimate, book a job, generate a detailed auto repair invoice, and get paid fast, on or off-site.

With a mobile option, how, when and where you conduct your business operations is completely up to you! It’s a relief to know that whatever you need can be done easily and instantly.

Oh, and did we mention that the payup℠ app has a free trial?

Not ready for the app but need an invoice template?

We’re here to simplify your workflow and help free up your valuable time, so we’ve also created an auto repair invoice template that you can customize and download to your needs.

Don’t be shy – this is free, too!