Completed Jobs = Invoices


You completed the work – great! Now you need to get paid, but uh-oh – you need to send your customer an invoice first. Guess it’s back to the office to create the invoice, then mail it and hope they pay in a timely manner.


Let the payup℠ app automatically create an invoice for that job! As soon as your job is completed in the app, an invoice will be generated for you to quickly email to your customer for payment. An added bonus: your customer will be able to pay online if you are enrolled in payment processing with ClearGate!

How It Works

1. Choose the Job

View the list of jobs by either clicking on the Jobs dashboard in the bottom navigation or from one of the “Jobs” cards on the Home screen. Click on an individual job to see its specific details (i.e. the “Edit Job” screen).

2. Finish the Job

When you have all necessary details added and saved to the job, you can Start/Pause and Finish it. Upon clicking the “Finish” button at the bottom of the Edit Job screen, the status will turn to Completed and you will see an “Invoice” button.

3. View & Send an Invoice

Clicking the “Invoice” button will let you review an invoice before sending or accepting payment for it. No need to transfer any information – the invoice will include the job’s details for you!