Communicate with Customers


Effectively communicating with your customers leads to more business (and more money for your business!), but where do you keep your customers’ information – your personal cell phone… a subscription-based software online… dare we say, a rolodex?


The payup℠ app will keep general customer information (name, address, phone, email) at your fingertips, so you can easily dispatch employees to the job site and even send estimates & invoices directly to your customers via email. Your customers will be so impressed by your efficiency, they’re bound to come back for more!

How It Works

1. Create a Customer

Create a new customer by using the large orange “plus” button in the bottom navigation.

2. Add General Contact Information

Add your customer’s name, email, phone number and address. You can now save the details and even add that customer to a new estimate, job or invoice directly from the same screen!

3. Communicate & dispatch

You can call, email, text or invoice your customer right from the Edit Customer screen. When you assign an employee to a particular job for that customer, you’ll be able to dispatch to the correct address.