Assign Employees


Unorganized scheduling systems, double bookings, not keeping track of employees. Sound familiar? Well, when it comes to your business, all of that means a possible loss of customers – oh no!


With the payup℠ app, easily assign employees to scheduled jobs. The employees will immediately be notified of their new assignments, and you’ll be able to track the progress of the jobs within the app!

How It Works

1. Invite Some Employees

Admins can invite employees to a company in the app by clicking the hamburger menu icon at the top right and going to the “Employees” screen. When you add & save the employee’s name and email, that employee will get an invitation email with details on how to proceed. (Hint: they must install and sign up using the Accept Invitation area of the app, in order to join your existing company.)

2. Admin or non-Admin?

Employees can be invited as Admins or non-Admins, depending on what access you’d like to give your employee. Non-Admin employees will not see the company’s Invoice summary card and will not be able to enroll the company in card processing services. They will also have no access to add other employees or taxes and will not have the ability to delete any services or materials from the master list.

3. Assign Employees to Jobs

Now that your employees have access to your company within the app, feel free to assign jobs to them. Simply click on any job for its details, then click the arrow in the “Assignee” section of the job to choose an employee. Once you save the job with the newly assigned employee, the employee will get an email to alert him/her of the new assignment.