Approved Estimates = New Jobs


When an estimate is approved, the project management begins, but who wants to take the time to re-enter the already-approved details into a job management system? No one.


Let the payup℠ app do the work for you! No need to worry about errors happening between estimates and jobs. Not only can you create & send an estimate directly to your customer for quick approval, but approved estimates will automatically turn into new jobs for you, so you can move the project forward by scheduling (& even starting) it right away.

How It Works

1. Create an Estimate

Simply click the large orange “plus” button in the bottom navigation, then add your customer, services and materials. The app will calculate the price for you, excluding tax.

2. Send the Estimate for Approval

If you added an email address for your customer, you are now ready to email the estimate directly to him/her, where your customer will be able to review, reject or approve the estimate right away! If you received a verbal approval, you can simply click the “thumbs up” button to approve the estimate directly in the app.

3. View the Accepted Estimate

Within the Estimates dashboard, you will now see “Approved” in the list. Click that estimate and you’ll see a button at the top that says “View Job.” That’s right – your approved estimate has generated a new job for you and carried over all details, so you can assign, schedule and get started!