Accept Mobile Payments


Declining a card payment simply because you don’t have the ability to accept it. Chasing down payments with paper invoices. Driving to the bank to deposit business checks. Waiting for a customer’s check payment to hopefully not bounce. Any of that sound familiar?


Accept credit or debit cards and get PAID through the payup℠ app – No up front cost and no long-term contract! Enroll in card processing with ClearGate’s secure payment gateway and enjoy the competitive flat rate of 2.98% + $.30 per attempt. Build it into your pricing model (pass the rate on to your customer via the invoice) and you have FREE card processing! Contact a ClearGate customer service team member to learn more.

How It Works

1. Fill Out Online Application

Easily apply for card processing directly through the payup℠ app! Have an Admin click on the “Apply to Accept Credit Cards” link to get started. By starting the process through the app, you’ll also get a direct link to your application, in case you’d like to reference it later. We even give you the option to schedule a call with one of our Customer Success team members to answer any questions.


While your application goes through the normal underwriting process, you can continue to use the app. Once you’re approved, you’ll be contacted by our Customer Success team, so you’ll know when you can start accepting card payments.

3. Invoice & Get Paid!

Once you’re enrolled in card processing with ClearGate’s secure payment gateway, simply invoice your customer through the payup℠ app. Your customer can either pay with their card via the emailed invoice they’ll receive OR you can view the invoice in the app and click the “Pay Now” link to take a card payment.